Ulrich Gerting BojkoGet In The Sky is all about Office 365 and SharePoint in general. I have been working with and around SharePoint and Office 356/BPOS since 2008. Working with SharePoint Technologies, lets me fill lots of different roles. Here is a brief description of those roles and how I approach them in a SharePoint Project. Sometimes I do all the roles at once and sometimes I do a combination.


In my role as the Classic SharePoint Consultant, I work with the client in figuring out what to expect from their SharePoint Solution. I take the Clients side of the table, when my client needs a big solution and does not possess the technical skills to differentiate all the different solutions that are in the market. Consulting often means a lot of meetings, presentations for third party developers and most of times it means me asking many questions. I help companies develop a description of what they need out of their SharePoint investment.

The Consulting role requires me to have a very deep understanding of the business and its organizational needs. In this role, I bridge the gap between a client with no SharePoint knowledge and the developers, which may not get the organizations challenges.

Technical Project Manager

In the role as Technical Project Manager, I manage a team of freelancers and are responsible for driving the project home. I am a PRINCE2 certified Project Manager and I make use of the great PRINCE2 model for SharePoint projects. As the Technical Project Manager I am using a lot of the same skillset as when I function as Consultant. I bridge the gap between the technical team and management. However, as a Project Manager I also use every tool in my toolbox to get the project done, on budget and on time.

Infrastructure Architect

In the role as SharePoint Infrastructure Architect, I do all the things that make SharePoint run efficiently. That means sometimes I consolidate multiple farms into one or I Analyze a SharePoint installation and document the whole Farm from top to bottom. I install and setup SharePoint Farms to the specifications, the client gives me. In short, that means that, this is where I get inside the engine room and tune all the parts that make a SharePoint farm run.

Frontend Developer

I have done Frontend developing since my first website, back in 1996, which I developed in notepad. Today I do all my frontend developing in SharePoint. That means I develop MasterPages, PageLayouts, HTML, CSS, XSL and the occasional JavaScript / jQuery whenever it is required. Frontend development is one of the hardest disciplines to keep track of, because it is so dependent of current trends. That is also, what makes if great fun to be a part of.


I really enjoy teaching. It is one of the things I’m most passionate about. Whether is blogposting, webinars or creating DYI-videos I like giving my knowledge to those who need it. Most of the training I offer is targeted towards the businessusers, who needs to understand SharePoint/Office 365 and want to know how to work with it.


  • MCTS: 70-667 – Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, Configuring
  • MCTS: 70-630 – Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Configuring
  • PRINCE2 Foundation APMG-International, Licence 02447729-01-1NQ3