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Update SharePoint groups in all webs in a SiteCollection using PowerShell

Say you have a ton of subwebs in a sitecollection. Each web have unique permissions and unique groups. You would like to update alle membergroups to have Contribute permissions, instead of Edit permissions. If you need to update all ownergroups or visitorgroups, just change the script accordingly. You do it like this: Source: http://sharepoint.stackexchange.com/questions/70071/need-to-remove-permission-level-from-a-sharepoint-group-using-powershell

Office 365 public website – going down

I’ve blogged about the discontinuing of public websites a while back and I promised that I would write an update, when there was something to update on. And guess what! Somethings updating. When the changes was announced, there was a small outcry from a few partners, but really nothing major. Then again, it’s not like Microsoft […]